Sunday, 5 July 2015

Martial Arts and Soccer

Recently one of our student's parents related a very interesting comment on the martial arts training being given to their son.  Normally we promote the core pillars of martial arts training for children as self-confidence building, teaching respect, composure/calmness under pressure and fitness.
However, something else has come to light which we think is a big plus for children playing contact sport.  Our student plays soccer in an academy team and in one particular game, the student let's call him James, had made a break and was heading for goal.  A player from the opposing team decided to prevent that from happening so tackled him heavily from behind.

Based on this training James was able to fall correctly and avoid injury.  Whilst his parents had a perfect understanding of this scenario a number of other parents were amazed he was not hurt and wanted to know how he did it. 

Once 'the how he did it' was explained to these parents they could see a major benefit of martial arts training that previously had not been on their radar.  This then led to conversations around where James trains, what are the costs and other benefits.

Given the litigious nature of society today we would not advocate that martial arts training would prevent injuries from falls in sport.  On the other hand we are confident that correct training will help minimise such injuries and this training will be added to our benefits list for discussion with potential clients.