Friday, 13 May 2011

Ways to BEAT the BULLY

I found this article and I though it might help with any bullying problems. 
  1. Stand tall.  Walk away or ignore the bully.
  2. Don't react (if they don't get a reaction they will get bored).
  3. Don't argue (if you play it calm and agree, their will be no conflict)
  4. Tell a teacher and your parents what is happening.
  5. Talk to your friends about it.
  6. Get some type of help.  Don't try to handle it by yourself if you are afraid or upset.  Remember that bullying is wrong, and it is not your fault and many people are able to help you.
  7. It is not smart to keep it to yourself.  Bullying can get much worse if it is allowed to continue.  It is easier to fix problems at the start.
  8. If the bullying has been going on for a long time it is never too late to get help.
  9. Be friendly, and caring of other children's feelings and look out for kids that might be having problems with bullies.  You can help others and you can make a real difference.
  10. If the bullying is violent or the threats are serious, you can talk to the police.  Ask your parents about this.  The biggest point to remember about bullying is that it can be stopped way before it gets out of hand.  Just ask for help.
  11. Have a journal (write it down when, were, who done the bullying).
  12. Block the bully (confront the bully one on one and let them know their bad behaviour.
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