Sunday, 19 August 2012

Munen Muso Martial Arts Moves to a New Location and New Boxing Class.

28th May 2012 we moved into our new studio.  What a big weekend that was moving everything over from our old studio to our new one.  Lots of help from our students, parents and friends in putting the final touches to our new facility.  Many hours into painting, building etc and it has come along beautifully, what a huge effort to everyone involved.  From a bright green and yellow interior to now white. (Bright yellow & green what were they thinking)...  

Since our opening we have had lots of great feedback plus have started a new Boxing Class on Wednesdays and Friday nights (see our Timetable for times).  Our new Boxing instructor is Scott Newman (former trainer/manager of LA Boxing in the USA).  To participate in this class you will need your own boxing wraps and boxing gloves.  This is a great workout you will love it.  Fitness, fun, sweat!!!!