Friday, 3 June 2011

Great article on why it is important to do Martial Arts

Kiwi waitress uses martial arts to floor attackers walking home on night shift in New Zealand

A KIWI waitress put years of karate training to the ultimate test when she floored two male attackers twice her age with a set of cleverly-placed punches. The 18-year-old was walking home from a night shift in central Wellington on Saturday morning when she was set upon from behind by an unsuspecting older man.
"She's been doing karate for about seven years, so she elbowed him in the chest and stomped on his foot," Detective Sergeant Shane Dye told the Dominion Post.
"She was then attacked by a second male who she hadn't seen, and he began to pull at her handbag, then she punched him in the stomach" before escaping.
The officer admitted he was "well and truly impressed" by her show of martial arts skill.
"Often we don't encourage people to fight back, because it can make things worse, but she acted with a great degree of bravery and she's done a great job.
"And she's not a big girl, either."
Senior karate instructor Sensei Rajesh Ravji told the newspaper: "When someone is bigger than you, it is always a difficult thing to combat, but that's the beauty of martial arts, you learn how.
"Those attackers would have been surprised to have someone come back at them like that."

Friday, 13 May 2011

Ways to BEAT the BULLY

I found this article and I though it might help with any bullying problems. 
  1. Stand tall.  Walk away or ignore the bully.
  2. Don't react (if they don't get a reaction they will get bored).
  3. Don't argue (if you play it calm and agree, their will be no conflict)
  4. Tell a teacher and your parents what is happening.
  5. Talk to your friends about it.
  6. Get some type of help.  Don't try to handle it by yourself if you are afraid or upset.  Remember that bullying is wrong, and it is not your fault and many people are able to help you.
  7. It is not smart to keep it to yourself.  Bullying can get much worse if it is allowed to continue.  It is easier to fix problems at the start.
  8. If the bullying has been going on for a long time it is never too late to get help.
  9. Be friendly, and caring of other children's feelings and look out for kids that might be having problems with bullies.  You can help others and you can make a real difference.
  10. If the bullying is violent or the threats are serious, you can talk to the police.  Ask your parents about this.  The biggest point to remember about bullying is that it can be stopped way before it gets out of hand.  Just ask for help.
  11. Have a journal (write it down when, were, who done the bullying).
  12. Block the bully (confront the bully one on one and let them know their bad behaviour.
  13. Contact us at Munen Muso Martial Arts Studio to start Martial Arts classes and learn self defence and everything you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones. 
  14. Classes are available for Kids, Teens & Adults.  Check out our website:

FREE Womens Self Defense Workshop - 29th May 2011

Hi Ladies,
We are having a FREE Womens Self Defense Workshop at our Studio (Unit 5, 185 The Central Coast Highway, Erina  NSW  2250) on Sunday 29th May 2011.  Time:  11.00am to 12.00pm.   Register early to avoid disappointment.  Phone:  02 4367 0357.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Self Defense Program - W.A.R. (Within Arms Reach)

Have you ever been walking home only to find yourself being followed by some stranger?  Have you ever been threatened or assaulted and were unable to defend yourself?  If so, you are probably concerned about being able to protect yourself should this type of intimidating situation ever occur again.  Munen Muso Martial Arts Studio offers reality based self defense training programs against armed and unarmed attacks.  Their Within Arms Reach (W.A.R.) defense training program will prepare you to defend yourself in any situation.

The W.A.R. system, though similar to martial arts training, goes above and beyond any other training program.  it is constantly evolving and teaching the latest and most effective ways to protect yourself against threats of violence or with weapons.  The W.A.R. Self Defense Program incorporates components of the Israeli Military, as while utilizing 38 years of personal tactical experience.

Munen Muso relies on seven basic principles when teaching their students different self defense strategies.  The principles focus on teaching you to avoid getting hit, while trying to hit your attacker or opponent in their vulnerable spots.  Defense teachings center on fighting in the quickest, safest and most effective ways possible.  One misconception about self defense is that one needs strength to effectively protect themselves.  This could not be further from the truth.  The techniques taught at Munen Muso will teach you how to defend yourself and defeat your opponent even while at a size or strength disadvantage.

If you are threatened or attacked it is vital you know the proper ways to respond and disarm your attacker, if necessary.  Knife and gun defense can be especially intimidating to some people who feel they would be helpless if attacked when unarmed by someone with a weapon.  Munen Muso will teach you techniques to safely and effectively use improvised weapons.  If you are comfortable carrying a weapon for protection, they can teach you how to safely carry and use that weapon to defend against attackers, as well as instructors in weapon retention.

If you are unarmed and unable to find any sort of improvised weapons, there are other tactics in which to protect yourself and defeat an attacker.  Pressure point control techniques will allow you to temporarily paralyze your opponent, allowing you time to escape and get help.  Another taught technique is ground survival for the pavement.  It will teach you survival and escape techniques in intimidating or threatening situations.

Self defense is something that everyone should take very seriously.  There is no way to predict when an attack will occur and therefore it is imperative you are always on your guard and ready to defend yourself if need be.  Munen Muso will arm you with self defense tactics and techniques that will allow you to protect yourself against armed and unarmed attacks.  The W.A.R. program focuses on simple, safe, quick, and effective ways to disarm or stop your attacker.  This martial arts training and information could save your life. 
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